Irmãos Dotados – Can I Use the Restroom – Henrique Becker x Murillo Mota

Murillo Mota went to deliver some drinks and the receptionist Henrique Becker received the entire order correctly. However, Murillo was very keen to go to the restroom and excused himself to go there.

Henrique Becker directed him to the place and when he saw his cock, he couldn’t resist and sucked it. With a lot of desire to give the delivery man his ass, Henrique invited him to go to a room in the back where they had a nice fuck. Murillo accepts the invitation, but he needs to be quick, as he needs to get back to the delivery car where his co-worker is waiting for him.

Henrique gives his hot ass to the delivery man who fucks his ass intensely. A movie that smells of positions, hard fuck and a lot of horny moan, “Can I use the restroom?” It’s the kind of movie that will make you delirious with pleasure.


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