Irmãos Dotados – He’s Being Measured – Luiz Bear x Thiago Cavalão

Thiago received a pair of pants as a gift, but as he is very tall, he had to take them to the tailor to make some adjustments. Arriving there, the tailor Luiz asks him to put on the pants so he can adjust the height and see the necessary repairs. But Thiago doesn’t wear underwear… When he takes off one pair of pants to wear the other one, his giant cock swings, leaving the tailor with his mouth open.

Trying to focus on his work, Luiz bends down and starts taking the measurements… He checks if there is fabric to increase the hem, measures the height… But when it’s time to measure the “horse” he notices the monstrous volume that has grown in Thiago’s pants. Curious, Luiz sees that he has something more to measure and takes Thiago’s dick out. But a dick like that can’t be measured with just a tape measure! Luiz ends up using his mouth to get a more exact measurement. Even choking, Luiz struggles to swallow as much as he can.

The tears flow, but he continues persevering, until Thiago asks to see “what else he had to offer”. Luiz then shows his greedy horseradish ready to be invaded by that thick cock. Thiago falls with his mouth in his ass, leaving his ass very wet to receive his huge cock. When the head enters, pulling up the folds, Luiz screams, but now Thiago won’t stop. He pushes up to the balls making the tailor scream with lust. Soon Luiz gets used to the invader and the screams turn into moans.

On dogstyle, air ride, with deep thrusts that make Luiz lose his mind. The hot ass doesn’t come and goes makes Thiago release jets of hot cum filling the tailor’s ass that overflows throwing all the load out. Luiz tells the client to come back in a few days for a fitting on the pants and see if other adjustments are needed. Will he still have to move the “horse” more?”


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