Strange Passion – Three – Caio Pernalonga x Ricc Vilarimm

Ricc Vilarimm is terribly shaken by what he witnessed regarding his boyfriend’s betrayal and is determined to put an end to this story, but he doesn’t know what to do. While Ricc is sitting in a square thinking and regretting what happened, Caio Pernalonga sees him in that situation and decides to help him in some way by inviting him to have a drink and talk a little.

The two go to Caio’s house and there the atmosphere heats up between the two. Caio puts his dick out of his pants and Ricc can’t stand it and falls down on the whore’s huge dick, who is delirious with excitement when he feels Ricc’s hot mouth devouring his entire dick with a delicious blowjob. Ricc will take every inch of Caio Pernalonga’s dick and will love this distraction, after all, it’s better to suffer from love, sitting on someone else’s dick, right?

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