The Cell Phone Stopped – Exxtevão and Zetomasrivas

Exxtevão has a problem with his cell phone and it crashes a lot while he’s on a call, he decides to take him to an assistance. Arriving there, the technician informs him that the cell phone will only be repaired the next day. The next day, Exxtevão goes to the assistance to get his cell phone. Arriving home, while fiddling with the device’s camera roll, he ends up finding an erotic video of the technician containing his contact number.

Exxtevão gets horny at what he sees and decides to call to invite the technician to come to his house to show him what he had seen in the video in person. Zetomasrivas goes to Exxtevão’s house and gives the nasty what he wants. Exxtevão can’t resist and falls head over heels for the technician’s succulent cock.

Zetomasrivas fucks Exxtevão’s ass so good, which is horny. The technical visit will be very productive and the repair will be guaranteed!


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